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September 24, 2010


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like you, I found Joko Beck very appealling and "got" her teachings. It wasn't so much that she came from a psychological perspective as her willingness to wade into the bad neighbourhoods of our mind. She's still one of my go-to teachers-in-writing.

Have a great weekend, Barry!

Dogo Barry Graham

I've never met anyone else like her. Her clarity and compassion are magnificent. She's also one of the funniest people I've ever known.

If what she teaches isn't Zen, then I'm not interested in Zen.

mama p

brilliant. i think of her as representing an authentic "american zen"; and ditto, ditto, ditto to the above comments. thanks for posting this little film.


Yes, she is a very good teacher and communicator. I've been training in Zen for some time now and I've never had the experience (although I often wished for it) of "bypassing the afflictive emotions" nor have I been able to avail myself of the "spiritual bypassing" that you referred to as well.
However, we all do our own unique training in our unique bodies and circumstances and we also convey it in a unique manner, hence the IF and WHEN of the arising of the karma that drives our "afflictive emotions" is not done on our time. A large part of Zen, as I understand (or mis-),it; is to wait. And see.

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