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September 22, 2010


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I use to argue with the abbot here, saying "you can not change the course that nature takes", he would argue "yes you can". Now i know that you can train nature to bend a little, but it won't break.
We had a fox that was attacking our free ranging chickens and had killed two. So we got a dog to protect the chickens. The dog chased the chickens so we had to confine the chickens to the chicken coup. Then we got a call that the dog was 1/2 mile down the road eating the cat food on another farm. It had to cross a very busy highway to get there. Now we have it tethered to a rope, and will not let it loose, because it will just run to other farms in the area. Remind me of the song....we got a dog, to get the cat, that gets the mouse, that gets the cheese, that we make. or something like that. So i remember the old saying "be as a reed, strong enough to bend but not break." :)


Clear insight Barry!

Of course the same insight applies to exactly why we humans insist on keeping other species as our pets in the first place!



if only babies were as simple as kitties! :)

mama p

it occurs to me i have been moving quite a lot of cats around the room. aha!


Dear patient Graham.


Amazing, isn't it? How they keep letting us come back to learn that lesson over and over until we get it right?


Before I was enlightened, a cat was just a cat. When I was enlightened, a cat wasn't a cat anymore. After I was enlightened, a cat's just a cat again."

Cat puts paws together and Gashos. ;)

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