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September 21, 2010


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Dogo Barry Graham

I think there's always a danger of getting tripped up by another should: "I shouldn't be thinking this way, I shouldn't be getting so stuck on 'should'..."

That's always been my biggest stumbling block, anyway.

Shiju Ben Howard

Barry -

In my experience, "I might have" and "had I but known" also make guest appearances, sometimes followed by imagined outcomes.

Thanks for your post.


I find the best training ground for facing these 3 words is the golf course...

Barry Briggs

Thanks, Barry, Ben and Steve, for your instructive comments. Now I'm off to the golf course...

Speaking of golf, my friend Bob (a serious golfer) told me about the Beverly Knight song, "Shoulda Woulda Coulda." I'm not in love with this song but you might like it. Since embedding is disabled, here's the link:


Irascible psychotherapist Albert Ellis used to tell his patients they have to stop "shoulding" on themselves.

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