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October 28, 2010


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you say "If we attain ourselves, all beings shine with luminous clarity."
How would we know? Who would be there to describe or judge what is luminous or not? The only thing attained is ones' original nature, and that is still obscured by the three poisons in some degree. The ultimate enlightenment is just a fantasy, we in truth all always deluded, and "luminous".
It is like riding a bike with flat tires.:) Or telling the truth, with leaving out half the story. Shimano and the Dali Lama, Jack the Ripper, and Santa Claus. Good and Bad. Just wing it, and don't look back...:)

mama p

Barry, this phrase is one of the most beautiful I've ever read. I believe it cuts through all dichotomy, and gets to the real heart of what is at stake:

If we attain our own predatory nature, Eido Shimano becomes clear. If we attain our own compassionate nature, HH Dalai Lama becomes clear. If we attain ourselves, all beings shine with luminous clarity.

(and this I decided to write quite *before* reading the above comment, interestingly enough. lol.)

jill i

somehow this reminds me of words from Jane Goodall about similarites of chimpanzees to humans (that I heard tonight) - they can be altrustic, compassionate, affectionate, but they can have a dark side, too, just like people. The spectrum we share as primates.

But then she ultimately espouses reasons for hope. I know Zen is not about hope, it's about what is and what's now and striving to pay attention to it all. But I like her hopeful message!

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