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November 29, 2010


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jill i

And how about those Huskies!

Thanks for sharing this story, I've not heard this one.


You're absolutely right on the money here. Sometimes the best Dharma dialogue one can have is to shoot the shit with the neighbor, standing ready to wash one's mouth out three times if "Buddha" or "Dharma" or "Sangha" or anything else like it comes tripping off the tongue.


With Seattle sports there is always much suffering if one attaches to the concept of winning ;)

I will say sitting still in the midst of a seething crowd of 70K on a cold winter evening is quite an experience. UW-24, UCLA-7. And the crowd goes wild.

The chatter could not be more idle, and yet...

Everywhere we go, another opportunity to wake up.

Barry Briggs

Thank you, Jill, Shodhin and Dan, for your comments.


You're such a rebel! (^_-)~haha
I sort of see this in two ways, we should be careful of our ability to use small talk properly or it could be like a gateway drug to worse speech... I know I have trouble keeping small talk without going into something potentially hurtful.

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