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February 03, 2011


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jill i

I am always amazed at the interesting and thoughtful posts you come up with day after day. I particularly like the concept of retelling the stories/concepts in your present-day language/perception. Because that's what it's all about, right? (Right now.)

I find that helps a bit with some of the koans, too.


How amazing! Thank you for breathing life into my practice. I've been thinking about re-doing the Ox-Herding pictures - from a different perspective. May be in a year or so. Right now, as you know I'm thrashing around in the weeds of the Four Noble Truths. ;-) To see it as a re-telling of a story - an autobiography - really helps.


I love these stories but hate getting lost in my own story...

mama p

well, my dear online friend, this story has been begging for me to tell it for some time now. thank you for giving me the creative spark, and the vehicle, by which to send it out into the world :)


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