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February 02, 2011


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It's nice to read someones story that doesn't just end with, "There is no enlightenment" or "We're all already enlightened."

It may be true on a level, but it still needs to be worked at, at you are willing to demonstrate!


I admire your humility. There may not be Zen Masterhood in our lives but I'm grateful because it means we can just be ordinary folk and drink tea. :-)


Zen Masterhood is overrated. (If I keep telling myself that, maybe I will believe it?)

Getting my butt off the couch and stopping feeling sorry for myself, on some days, or just getting out there and doing something useful is a supreme challenge. (Is that just a story too?)

For what its worth, I am inspired by your posts, inspired to practice, and inspired by what a "lay practitioner" can do with the Dharma.

Thank you for posting!

Chong Go Sunim

Okay, where did you come across my old journal! "Let's see six months of this, and then.." Almost the same exact story.

"That's my story, anyway. I don't know if I'm sticking to it." ^-^

mama p

i was going to say something clever (referencing Master Dogen, ~of course~)about erasing both circles & writing the words together:

practice enlightenment

but then i got to the end and started howling at, "erasing that smudge". hee hee hee. right you are again my friend :)

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