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March 07, 2011


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Wow, well done video -nice juxtaposition of video and sound of the kid's singing.

David Clark

I was up early this morning and played the video with the sound up rather loud. When it ended, my wife, in the next room began signing a wordless version of the song, just riffing on the melody. When I told what it was, we had a very interesting discussion about the song's meaning, and what belonging to a group meant to each of us. So, your posting succeeded in stimulating a conversation in at least one household.

This version today uses Barbie dolls to tell the story, which rather directs ones reflexions back to childhood, but the lyrics themselves seem more 'adult'. I don't think we ever grow out of the need to feel membership in a group. The narrator of the song has let his desire for this 'special' person distort his self image to the point where he sees himself as a 'creep', totally alienated from everything. Dukkha indeed!


u just touched my heart with this video and music ,thank u

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