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March 11, 2011


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Wow, I can't believe I missed this week!
I'm glad I'm able to catch up now!

Radiohead's music was very important to me when I was about 18. It rescued me from my Marilyn Manson phase, which was probably the worst period of my life.

Did you know Bob Dylan did a cover, too?


I'm a creep :)
I'm a weirdo :)
You know what has been the result of this creepy week for me?
A new factor has been added to the way I observe myself.Sometimes I see myself doing something and I suddenly realize that I am being creepy!I'm a weirdo in the moment!
The loveliest thing in the world for me, is to observe myself deeper and deeper..
You notes always help me get closer to what I want..
Thanks again

Barry Briggs

Thank you, Joseph and Dakini, for your comments. Dakini, I'm especially glad to hear that a bunch of creepy posts have helped you see your creepy self. Same as my creepy self, of course. And Joseph . . . well, there's a real creep! We're all in it together.


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