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March 16, 2011


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K Grey

"the same or different?"

Comparing is incorrect view.


and here I thought my head couldn't hurt more than it already does... ;-)

Rizal Affif

Opposites are duality, anything from duality could not be oneness.

Ah, here's another catch; many people consider "oneness" as opposite to "duality", and yet still they think of opposites, of dual! So much for oneness. Oneness includes all; yet this expression, too, is dual; includes all vs not includes all. Another opposites!

As for your question; same or different? Well that boils down to the difference of perspectives. Both are part of infinite oneness, until they are examined by the mind, which has to think in opposites to assume a perspective in order to perceive the infinite.

And, yes, my explanation here is opposite thinking, too. Can't help it :p

Thanks for enlightening post, Barry.


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