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May 31, 2011


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Sounds like Zen Master Man Gong walked right into that one! ^_^


Please enlighten me :)... What does "katz" mean?

Barry Briggs

Hi Kyle,
"Katz" is a shout that Zen masters (and sometimes students) will give to cut off the discursive processes of the mind. It's like pressing the "Clear" button on a calculator - it makes it possible for something new to appear.

Enlightened now? ;-)


In German "Katz" is the shortened word for cat. Hope it helped ;-)

jill i

okay this one is not sinking in right away during my short check here at work. I don't think having a clear mind makes up for disrespectful behaviour and abusive speech, Zen Master or not. I know Zen is about no good or bad, no opposites. But still. Guess I don't embrace that aspect then yet. My issue.


Less enlightened than ever, but I appreciate the explanation!

Yeah, how is it that this guy was allowed to live in a monastery and train as a Buddhist monk if he was always going out and getting drunk? I thought part of the monastery deal was not getting drunk?


@Kyle: I see your point. Seung Sahn commented: "Ko Bong completely believed in himself." Do you?

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