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June 22, 2011


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I don't remember this post - and I remember all your posts!

Genuine contact is powerful. And, I think, that's what makes it scary. Not that we're going to be "seen" -though that's what everyone focuses on. Genuine contact changes us, irrevocably and permanently. That's what's scary.

jill i

Trenchant is the word that comes to mind for this post and your insight about evasion.

I did not partner with a wonderful man some years ago because I understood that I couldn't "hide" from him and it terrified me. Thanks for your posts for helping me see more clearly the work that needs to be done. Or more precisely, the work I need to do.

Barry Briggs

Genju, I sometimes wonder if we're most afraid of genuine contact with our own selves. Scary indeed.

Jill, same point, I think.

Thank you both!

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