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July 28, 2011


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What would you do if you were at the end of this work?

Ben Howard

Barry -

Case 46 of the Gateless Gate may be relevant to the questions you're asking: How do you step off of a 100-foot pole?

Could it be that your awareness of your "self-generated dust storm" is your practice, as is your awareness of wanting that practice to be otherwise?



Thank you for pointing... the way, the useless moon, the puny mountain, the dribbling rivers... ;-)

David Ashton

Yup. I think I'm still at the beginning too. But life would be dull if we weren't leaping into the unknown at every moment, even if we splat against a wall once in a while....


The not enough syndrome is the topic of an already drafted, yet very much hesitate to publish post. It's an age old trick of the mind, this not being okay with things just as they are. I appreciate that you recognize our waking up is an ongoing business, this moment and the next. And the one after that too.


just what I needed to read after an encounter that leaves the taste in my mouth of the "not enough fool".

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