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September 20, 2011


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Somehow, I always get the best impressions of Catholicism/Christianity from Buddhists.

This is another great example.


Thank you for this post Barry.
May I respond to Joseph? Hi Joseph, all I can say is that perhaps you've been bumping into too many of those Korean evangelical types of Christians!
Thankfully, the Christian tradition is much broader and deeper and richer (and kinder!) than you might imagine from a stoll past the evangelical churches of Seoul! But that wider tradition is also there in Korea too.
(Though not a Catholic, the name Ham Seok-heon 함석헌 comes first to mind).


I've found my early experience with the Franciscans helped pave the road to my Buddhist practice. Another point of comparison, if anyone's interested, would be be Francis' take on "Perfect Joy" with the Buddhist teaching on patient forbearance (Shantideva comes to mind here).

Bodhisattvas come in all manner of shapes, forms, traditions and times!

Barry Briggs

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Shodin, you make me want to know more about St Francis (and also about Buddhism!).

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