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September 28, 2011


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David Clark

Oh my! What a stunning view!

Your reflection puts me in mind of when I was a young soldier stationed in the mountains of California's Central Coast. Those days, my friends and I had almost no money but we had lots of time and the freedom to explore the Coastal Range, camping and hiking all over. We found excellent swimming spots, beautiful redwood groves, ancient petroglyphs and all sorts of beautiful views. Living in the wild we got to know it well.

As an old married guy I have managed once or twice to get a couple of days off and drive up to that area. It remains beautiful in my eyes but it is not the same seen from the window of my car. Camping? With all my health issues, those days are over.

While I do try to live mostly in the present these days, I still treasure those memories of that time and place. From time to time I pull them up to mind. I'm very glad that I had the chance to do those things while I was young. Now days, I'll settle for a good view and a cup of good tea.

Barry Briggs

Hi David,
Thank you for your generous comment. I also can't do the things I used to do. But, fortunately, I can still go to many of the places I used to go and experience their pleasures and beauty, and also the memories that go with them. A cup of tea always helps!


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