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October 25, 2011


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I didn't know this blog, so thank you for this!

Barry Briggs

Thanks, Renee, for visiting!



Hi dharma brother,

I understand that you are now at Musang-sa. I am going there too... for the first time. And I need some help to recommend a good but cheap guesthouse somewhere near Musang-sa and Hwa Gye Sa. Yes, I am going to both these places. But it is unlikely I am staying in the temples. Anyone, plaese! Thanks.


I meant please recommend 2 guesthouses, one near Musang-sa and one at Hwa Gye Sa. I need the name and address of the guesthouses.


@MB There is a traditional guest house in the north part of Seoul, near entirely near HwaGyeSa, but not too far either (too far to walk).
Searching for it, i found a whole list of traditional guesthouses in the area, the first one on the list is the one I was looking for:

Here's a cheap backpackers guesthouse next to city hall:

If you really want cheap, lots of people sleep in jimjilbang, Korean style saunas. They're usually very clean and nothing sketchy... There's always at least a small crowd gathered in the common room snoring on mats.

I'm not sure about Musangsa area, but it might be worth contacting the temple to see about a room there. The same for Hwagyesa.


Hi Joseph,
The guesthouse that appeared right on top is Bukchon Village Guesthouse. Is that the one you refer to, right? Anyway, thanks.

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