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October 31, 2011


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Hello! Glad you are back! And these pictures are lovely. Thank you for posting the links to blogs as well. Having never been to Korean myself, I loved seeing pictures of the temples there.

The last picture of this post is illuminating. Outside the Buddha Hall, a picture of the Buddha overcoming a wall. A friendly warning sign? Don't spend too long in this hall? But don't avoid it either. Become a Buddha. But remember to overcome that wall too!

With a bow,

Ben Howard

What a beautiful site for practice. The wall outside the kitchen looks like low-relief. Is that common in Korean temples?

Barry Briggs

Thanks, Kusa - more photos coming over the next couple of weeks! Perhaps that Buddha is leaping INTO the Buddha Hall!!

Hi Ben - the kitchen wall has roof tiles embedded into it, forming the wavy pattern, as well as the straight lines. This is a common feature of Korean temple walls.

jill i

This is quite interesting, hearing specifics of your Korean visit. What an honor to be invited to speak! Was there translation going on or do you speak Korean? (and visa versa for the monks and nuns there.)

I've discovered a food show on Create TV called the Kimchi Chronicles...interesting to see footage of Korea!

Wow, not a lot of sleep either....but we can do what we can....

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