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February 28, 2013


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I have encountered those same demons on solo retreat. Plus a sixth equally energetic demon - Kung Fu Master. Voices carried on the wind, twigs snapping in the night, rustling of leaves all were dealt with in a mighty battle, each time terrifying the playground bullies coming to harass and torture the lonesome Zen student.

Joseph Bengivennvi

One of my demons is the Blogger, turning almost every experience into a blog post before it's even done happening. Quite distracting...

Dave St.Germain

The demons are just part of the dream.
Isn't the retreat about transcending the demons? Not about converting the demons' energy into compassion but about seeing what gives birth to all things and rejuvenating there? About seeing who you really are and clarifying the great matter?

If it isn't, then what is the point of special solitude?

Tommy 2.0

Welcome back Barry! I'm glad you came through it intact, or, I'm glad you came through it dissembled. Whichever it is. Those demons - very familiar to me and I haven't even done a long retreat, you've illuminated what's in me. My gratitude to you for doing this work and all you share on your blog.

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