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March 08, 2013


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Thank you for showing me how to hear this familiar song for the first time in decades.

jill i

oh takes me back to my student days in London when I assumed Talking Heads were an Englidh band when I saw them on Top of the Pops. Gosh, the lyrics are so appropriate of a retreat.


You're inspiring me to start my practice again. That's how I'm using these passing days. :) Thank you for this. This song has another meaning for me, and I enjoyed reading your brief but meaningful reflection on it.

Robin Hoffman

Barry, Love this Blog ... At our mid-Kyol Che ceremony, Mark Houghton gave a great dharma talk about finding water underground with a divining rod as the Kyol Che retreat schedule to follow ... and then the shovel as our ongoing practice when we find a spot to dig. If you don't just keep digging one hole in the same place with persistence, you will never reach deep enough. The water is there all along ... if you get distracted or check your practice and dig multiple shallow holes all over the place, you will not reach the water ... flowing underground ... there all along waiting for you to wake up and find it. Robin

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