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January 13, 2018


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Tommy Murray

Last night, in a "songs of Freedom" concert celebrating the MLK Jr. weekend, I led the people there in singing Holly Near's "Singing for Our Lives" which starts "We are a gentle angry people". Yes it is time for anger, so long as we don't confuse that with violence. The devil and his minions are in the Whitehouse and we must remove him. We must. It has been said that no substantial change to government comes from the top down, so it is up to us. Yet, what to do?

Frank Denton

Hello, Barry,

I'm happy to hear that you are taking to the southwest. Anna and I hiked in the Chiricahuas when I was still able. Twice, actually. Into Cochise's territory. I like your personal dharma hall. Started Heart Kyol Che a few days back. Going well so far. S nice to feel in touch with this blog. Frank

Tommy Murray

I found the quote "... the oppressor never voluntarily
gives freedom to the oppressed. You have to work for it." from MLK Jr's “The Birth of a New Nation,” Sermon Delivered at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church 7 Apr 1957. http://kingencyclopedia.stanford.edu/primarydocuments/Vol4/7-Apr-1957_BirthOfANewNation.pdf
It was cited in an opinion piece in the MSN news feed App. The new nation was Ghana, on the occasion of it achieving independence from the UK.

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